What Tools Scare You the Most?

Do tools intimidate you? Hand tools or power tools? Maybe you’ve had a bad experience using a drill and it twisted your wrist or you’ve banged your thumb too many times to mention with a hammer?

Well you’re not alone. The fear of using tools can stand in the way of making the most of our creativity as well as finishing a project.

For me, chainsaws were always intimidating. It was the one tool that my dad never let me handle so I knew it was extremely dangerous. It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to visit the Husqvarna headquarters this summer where I tested numerous chainsaws and finally become somewhat comfortable with them.

I learned the mechanics of how a chainsaw works and what all of the features are for. I also learned the importance of wearing safety gear that included safety glasses, gloves and chainsaw chaps. All of this education demystified the chainsaw and I learned to respect it and appreciate what it can do.

Here’s a video of me making a big cut.

We’d like to hear what tools you are scared of and if and how you overcame your fear.


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  • Kathy
    8 Nov ’11 at 7:03 pm

    Nail guns–framing ones. Although I’ve used them, they still terrify me. The husband won’t let me near a chainsaw…

    • Built by Kids
      9 Nov ’11 at 7:32 am

      Yeah nail guns are serious tools to be used with caution.