Parents to a precocious 8-year-old, rambunctious 1-year-old, and a feisty dog named Harper, Timothy and Laura founded Built by Kids as an extension of their adventures in raising capable, confident, and independent young men.

A true labor of love, the Dahls are inspired by the Makers of the past and are passionate about introducing the next generation to the skills and creative thinking that will help empower their future.

The Dahls live in Los Angeles but have called New York, Las Vegas, and London home.

Timothy Dahl is a former boy scout who, by age 13, was an expert in building desert forts and was crazy accurate with his slingshot. His favorite toy was his Erector set and he soon graduated to building and racing RC Cars with his dad.

As a father of two boys, Timothy hopes to create the same world of wonder and open play that his parents shared with him.

Timothy is also the founder of the home improvement site Charles & Hudson, host of Tool Crave podcast, and former editor at Popular Mechanics, Lifehacker, ELLE DECOR, and This Old House.

Laura Dahl is a proud Sin City native who grew up in the ballet studio and is related to Vegas Vic (it was her grandfather’s voice behind “Howdy Pardner”).

She has fond memories of building dollhouses with her dad and fabricating anything from cars to kid-sized shanties out of the fallen branches at her family’s Utah cabin.

Granddaughter to the founders of the Boy Scouts in Las Vegas, Laura considered herself an honorary member of her brother’s troop and accompanied them on frequent camping adventures.

She finds inspiration in people and their cultures and has a particular love of all things hand-made or repurposed. 

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