Pretty young mom assembling furnitures with lovely little daughter joyfully

Discover and Inspire

Built by Kids is created with, by and for children. We celebrate the parents, families, caregivers, and educators who value the power of creative development and are nostalgic for a time when weekends were spent building a fort or spray painting a mural.

We believe that a child’s imagination is endless and their thirst for knowledge insatiable. We believe that by cultivating practical skills and encouraging innovation, children become more confident, capable and cosmopolitan.

Father and daughter painting chair in workshop

At Built by Kids, the process is the goal. We know that our children will cherish the memories of making a game board with their mother long after the game itself is gone, and that one day, they will proudly pass the skills they learned onto their own children.

As our rich community of readers will say, it doesn’t take a lot of money or a contractor’s license to connect with our children and make lifelong memories together.  It just takes a little inspiration, some good old fashion elbow grease and time.

About the founders, Timothy and Laura Dahl