Building a Playground in Joplin, MO


Last year I got the call from Mark and Theresa Clement of MyFixItUpLife regarding an opportunity to join their crew to help rebuild a section of Joplin, Missouri (the town that had been flattened by a tornado a few months prior). Unfortunately I couldn’t attend but they shared some of their progress which was documented by the ABC show, Extreme Home Makeover.

They built 7 homes in 7 days and also made time to build an amazing playset for the neighborhood.

I love that they made it a priority to rebuild the community with this playset which is just as important as the homes. It’s the children who live in Joplin who will be tasked to rebuild their community and take pride in where they live and this new playground and playset will help create great memories after such devastation. Congrats to Mark, Theresa and their crew.

Here’s a before pic of the playground jobsite.


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