Christian Louboutin, a Child at Heart

Christian Louboutin West Village Windows

If you’ve ever visited Christian Louboutin’s website and ventured through his somewhat dark but magically playful online circus presentation, you know that the brilliant designer is a child at heart.  And this month in his West Village boutique, it has never been more obvious as he stylishly spells out his name with couture wooden alphabet blocks.

The summer collection is equally playful with bright patent leather wedges, bold American flag stripes, golden tassels and precious bows.  If I weren’t pregnant with feet too swollen to do a Louboutin justice, I may not have had enough self restraint to pass on the Miss Cristo and Double Noeud.  So, I thank little Baby Dahl for saving mommy a load of cash.

Christian Louboutin Miss Cristo Double Noeud

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