Modern Kid Built Furniture from Sprout


The most innovative and well designed children’s furniture we’ve seen is from Sprout Children’s Furniture. But what really sets it apart from other kids furniture is that these tables, chairs and bookshelves can be built by your kids! No tools required!!!

The engineering behind Sprout furniture is amazing and kudos to the founder, Clark Davis, for pulling off such an inventive product that is unique to the children’s market.

Here’s a quick video showing his process and story.

Sprout furniture is also extremely well priced considering how much kids furniture can cost these days, especially sharp looking modern furniture.

We are also totally behind Clark’s mission which is, “Sprout’s philosophy, play.think.grow, is based on the belief that we learn by interacting with our surroundings, so we should create surroundings that lend themselves to interacting with. To some furniture is a fixture. To us it is a toy. It is a way of interacting and learning.”

Look and ask for Sprout Children’s Furniture at your local kids store.

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  • Rmor1
    19 Nov ’11 at 11:59 am

    this is not “amazing” engineering. it’s a decent set of flatpack furniture (done to death in the design world) that won’t last more than a month since it’s made out of mdf. put together an ikea furniture set with your kids and at least teach them how to use an allen wrench…

  • Built by Kids
    19 Nov ’11 at 3:25 pm

    What we really like about this furniture is that it’s geared towards children to build themselves. The young ones really can’t handle tools yet but they can slide furniture together and spatially understand how things fit, like a puzzle. You are right that getting kids involved with building flatpack furniture is important.