Get Everyone Organized with this Back-To-School DIY Calendar

As kids head back to school, getting ahead of the curve on schedules for everyone in your family is key to making the transition easy on everyone. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve missed a practice or school meeting before fall has even begun.

We’ve all seen versions of a DIY calendar, but this one’s simple enough to be able to bust out in an afternoon — so you can be on the fast track to keeping everything organized for your family (and help your sanity out a little bit, too).

What’s especially nice about this version of a DIY calendar is that it’s a relatively cheap build — paint chips are free (plus you can match them to any old color scheme your heart desires) and clear frames like the one in the video can be picked up at discount stores just about anywhere. Also, you can make this as large or as small as you need, so whatever wall space you may have to spare is practically a blank canvas for your organizational creation. Plus, back-to-school sales are still happening, so finding fun markers should be a breeze.

As well, if you have the vertical real estate, adding this to a family information station with some wall-mounted paper sorters, a magnetic surface, and other useful things to keep your life at least seeming organized will help you establish habits now that will keep you focused as back-to-school heads straight into the (gasp) holiday season.

We want to know your tips, tricks, and projects that help you start the school year off right — share in the comments, or tag us in your favorites on social media.

Happy New School Year!

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