GoldieBlox Engineering Toys for Girls (and Boys)


I had an opportunity speak at Blogher this year and Laura joined me to spread the word about her hair startup, PYXIE.

The conference was great and one of the highlights was the GoldieBlox party on Saturday night. In addition to adult drinks they had some areas set aside with toy sets and our son loved them.


They had a variety of their sets available plus plenty of expansion packs for kids to make their own creations. Our son was one of the few kids at Blogher and he had this set to himself that night.


As a bonus, GoldieBlox let us take home a few of the cool characters as well as some pixie stix and candy.

We’ve been enamored by the GoldieBlox story, from their inception on Kickstarter through their rocket like growth, they’ve become a beacon for makers like us who want to encourage the analytical/building side of children. Thanks GoldieBlox for creating a fascinating toy that’s great for girls (and boys)!!! We can’t wait to see what you do next.


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