Make a PVC Water Cannon to Destroy Hot Summer Days


Motivated by the hot temps here in LA and inspired by an article from Popular Mechanics and Instructables, we’ve decided to make our own PVC water cannon.

We’ve assembled the necessary pieces:

  • 20″ of each: 1″ and 1 1/4″ PVC pipe (usually available in 10-foot sections, hence the suggestion to make six water guns at once)
  • End cap for each diameter of pipe
  • One 3/4″ plug (generally for use on 3/4″ pipe)
  • Number #15 O-rings
  • Dental floss

And used PVC cement to attach them. We also bought some curved pieces to make a better handle.


We used a Dremel to bore out the bottom end to fit the push plug and then wrapped about a foot of dental floss below where the O-rings should be and then rolled the two O-rings on top of that and put the third O-ring seated between.

dremel floss o-rings


The water cannon turned out great but was a bit too big for our four year old son to handle. We are working on a smaller one for him right now but in the mean time it’s a great toy for Dad!





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