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8 New Ways to Use Your Recalled Bumbo Baby Seat


Like 4 million other families we have a Bumbo baby seat that according to the manufacturer we should stop using immediately as it’s been recalled due to numerous accidents that have led to serious injury. Our son never really liked it as he would squirm to get out after a couple minutes so it’s no big loss for us.

But what do we do with the Bumbo? We shudder to think of 4 million of these Bumbos filling up landfills.

We came up with 8 ways to use your Bumbo besides sitting in it.

1. A doorstop

2. A Planter

3. Chop it up and use as peanuts for packaging

4. A bb gun target/trap

5. A helmet for your Halloween costume

6. Target for bean bag toss

7. Baby walker (our little guy loves pushing it around the floor)

8. Toss the Bumbo – a new game to see who can throw it the farthest

What do you plan to do with your Bumbo????

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