Make An Axe Throwing Target and Hit It!


It seems that the only place we see axe throwing is in the movies, but if you’ve got the space and the gumption, learning how to throw an axe is a great skill to have.

Axe throwing is a safe activity but should be treated with respect and small children should not participate. But teenagers will enjoy learning this new skill and fortunately we’ve got a great target setup at our ranch. We took some old wood and stacked it on a table and built a solid backing filled with split logs to act as a backstop. Our target was the bottom end of a palm tree which made a great target as the axe blades stuck right into it. You don’t want to throw into a surface that will damage your blades or cause your axe to ricochet in random directions.


Don’t use your good axe for this activity as they will hit the ground and get scuffed up. You can buy a utility axe for this activity and only use the axe for throwing as it will get dull quickly and you don’t want to use a dull axe in the field.

The ideal distance to throw from is about 9 feet but the trick is finding the correct distance from which the axe will rotate and the blade will stick into the target. Keep yourself square to the target and throw the axe in a smooth overhead motion with your hand pointing at the target on release.


Have you ever tried axe throwing? Did you like it?

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