VIDEO: Build A DIY Racetrack (Tutorial)

This isn’t any ordinary racetrack. Using items you’re likely to have just laying around the house, following this tutorial from Bamzee R Toys will result in an awesome activity not only when it’s complete, but throughout the whole building process.

Aside from the recycling from materials we all have in our homes, this is a perfect project for little hands to help construct. You could easily source cardboard from multiple boxes, or even convert these plans to be used with lightweight scrap wood. If you don’t have multi-colored duct tape at your disposal, some patterned shelf-liner paper could make this project extra fun for your littles — we’ve even seen a checkerboard pattern floating around out there, which would be perfect!

Imagine all the different materials you could send down your track to add some summer science and math lessons in with playtime, beyond the skills needed in measuring and constructing this track! If you build this, let us know how it goes!

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