Building a Watermelon Homestead for West Elm


This week we answered West Elm’s Watermelon Challenge. They sent us a pair of Schmidt Bros. knives and asked us to carve as creatively as we can.

We’ve seen some ornate watermelon carvings but thought we’d deviate from that and use the watermelon as a building tool and add make some fun additions.

Our initial thought was a Lincoln Log type of structure and we ended up building a homestead with a horse-drawn wagon and a pineapple tree.

Carving a watermelon is a great way to enjoy a hot summer evening as well as introduce children to learning how to use knives safely.

When’s the last time you carved a watermelon?





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  • Maggi Forth
    22 May ’12 at 11:41 am

    That looks amazing and tasty too.