How to Win a Snowball Fight Everytime


Snowball fights can be the most fun you can have in snow. When else can you throw hard packed objects at people as a game? Most snowball fights don’t have rules or the rules are made as you go along, but what about strategy? How do you intend on winning a snowball fight? My friends in Wisconsin shared some tips that they swear by and they have never lost a snowball fight.

1. Be Prepared
If you intend on winning the battle you shouldn’t just start throwing as soon as you get outside. Instead take your time and build nice round and dense snowballs. They don’t need to be hard but they should have enough weight to fly through the air without falling apart. Stockpile your snowballs and use a plastic bag or garbage can lid to hold them.

2. Pick Teams Wisely
You won’t teammates who are patient like you and won’t just throw snowballs indiscriminately. Make sure they also pull their weight and make as many snowballs as they throw.

3. Stand Tall
Once the fight begins there really is no need to take cover unless the other team has some good solid snowballs and you are outnumbered. Otherwise you should be able to dodge most snowballs and be ready in a firing position to return the volley. It will also show you aren’t intimidated.

4. Play Fair
Don’t pack ice, rocks or any other hard objects in your snowball. For some reason it might be tempting but that changes the game and its no fun when someone gets hurt. It’s also not wise to aim directly at someone’s head. Everywhere else on the body is fair game and hopefully its cold enough outside that everyone is wearing heavy winter clothes.

Have fun and stay safe! Share your tips for winning a snowball fight in the comments.

photo: Fritz Freund (1859 – 1942, German)

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