Explaining Home Improvement to the Kids

If your house is in disarray and you and your spouse are obviously stressed because of a remodel or home improvement project, don’t think that your children don’t pick up on this. In fact they are probably just as concerned as you are and maybe even more. A child’s home is their castle and when it’s in a state of upheaval there is a sense of uncertainty. Here are some tips to help you and your family deal with the emotions of a remodel.


Explain What’s Happening
Kids love asking questions but sometimes they feel intimated and might not want to know an answer especially if they think it could be bad news. If you’re doing a remodel it’s best to explain the process from beginning to end. Show them your plans and introduce them to your designers, contractors and other people who might be working around the house.

Let your child know that although the process might be difficult you are making these changes so they can have a larger kitchen or bigger playroom. Show them how it will impact their life in a positive way. Maybe they can even share some of their own ideas.

Time for Teaching
As you are learning about the new materials in your home such as countertops, tiles and tools, share your new found knowledge with your children. Explain why you chose the new countertop material and what color you like best or what type of paint and color you’ve chosen.

Get them Started
If your child seems to be taking a particular liking to the process, find a project that they can do. Maybe work with them to repaint their room or build a step stool. Show them how home improvement projects aren’t just for adults and you’ll have a child eager to learn even more.

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