5 Skills We Can Learn from Santa’s Elves


It’s time to watch our favorite Christmas movies and in our house Elf is a favorite and joins our rotation of Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, The Holiday and A Christmas Story.

It’s tough to see Buddy the elf try so hard to fit in and make toys like all the other elves but since he really isn’t an elf it makes sense that he doesn’t have their skills. But later in the film he transforms the shopping mall to a Christmas wonderland overnight so he must have learned something during his time on the North Pole.

Like Buddy, we think there is a lot to learn from the elves who must have considerable skills since they build all of the toys for kids around the world.

Here are five skills we can learn from the ultimate builders, Santa’s Elves!

1. Good Work Habits
Our sole purpose in life doesn’t have to be building or making projects but sticking to a task and being a diligent worker are admirable traits that we admire in the elves.

2. No Project is Too Big
It’s not Santa’s Elves and regular sized people who build the toys, it’s just the elves. That means they must over come challenges in height and size to build their toys. If elves can do it so should we. If a project seems to big physically to handle or you don’t quite have the know how, round up your friends and ask them to help you.

3. Be Efficient
Elves don’t have time to waste and over the years they’ve become very good at their jobs. They plan well and keep waste to a minimum. We even wonder if Santa runs an eco-friendly toy factory? He should!

4. Put Your Heart Into It
As we learned from watching the elves in the early animated classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, if your heart isn’t into making your project then it won’t turn out as you want. Remember the elf that just wanted to be a dentist? He followed his heart and ended up being an amazing dentist no matter what the doubters said.

5. Have Fun
Elves are free to stop making toys whenever they want but because they enjoy it so much and always have a smile on their face they naturally do the best job possible. That’s a great reminder to keep your project fun and if you find yourself discouraged, take a break and reassess why you are doing your project in the first place which usually invigorates you as you want to see the final result.

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