Handmade Leathergoods That Last for Generations

Bole Tannery

With four generations of handcrafted heritage, Sweden’s Böle tannery stands out as one of the world’s most treasured leather goods artisans.  It all began in 1899 when, in the far north side of Sweden,  Oskar Sandlund filled his first tanning pits with water and spruce bark.  Now the fourth generation of the Sandlund family carry the legacy forward by continuing to individually select the most perfect reindeer hides, cow hides and bridle back leather.

A product from Böle is more than its function, it is the example of soulful handwork and tradition from a forgotten time when goods were made to last.  The smell of the spruce bark make it obvious that no synthetic materials are ever used and the products are built to withstand the test of time with a quality, functionality and durability that most people today find hard to believe exists.

As is the case with finely crafted items constructed with a discerning attention to detail, you get what you pay for.  Böle items are not cheap, but they will last for generations becoming richer and more alive with every memory collected.

Bole Tannery Bags



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