How To Make a Perfect Snow Angel


After the first dusting of snow it’s mandatory that you put your snow gear on and run outside and make a snow angel! For good luck you must do this first before building a snowman or a snowball.

  1. Start with deep snow
  2. Lay down on your back
  3. Extend your arms straight
  4. Move your arms and legs
  5. Stand up carefully and enjoy

To make the perfect snow angel you need fresh snow that’s deep enough so you won’t see the ground behind it and the top should be powder.

Slowly lay down butt first then flat on your back and spread your arms straight out.


Then keep your arms as straight as you can and swing them almost to the top of your head and then almost straight at your sides. You only need to do this a couple times.

Carefully stand up as to not disturb the snow next to you and then sit back and enjoy the perfect snow angel you’ve created.

When you are done with making your snow angel, learn how to win a snowball fight and build a DIY snow sled.

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