Kids Tools from Red ToolBox

Red Toolbox has created a lineup of tools and projects that are made specifically for kids. Their toolset contains hand tools to fit small hands and is a great introduction to the world of tools for any child. We also like how they included a pair of safety goggles as that’s a great habit to start at any age.


We like how the tools are not juvenile looking and are fully functional, albeit smaller versions of hand tools. The most valuable tool here is the smaller hammer which can be difficult to find in that size and the small goggles. The saw is fairly flimsy and we’d prefer to teach a child to use a proper saw and it’s possible to find one that would fit small hands. Same goes for the screwdrivers, clamp and files.

This is a great starter kit if you don’t have the time or energy to put together your own kit.

This Red Toolbox toolset is available at Lowe’s.

If buying pre-packaged toolsets aren’t your thing then you can mix and match tools of your choice. We’ll cover this in a follow up article as we have some tips for how to select tools for your kids.

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