Sensory Tables are the Anti-App for Kids


There is no substitute for playing in the dirt and sand but it helps to contain it especially if you live in a small space. Sensory tables are perfect for pre-school and school-age kids to indulge their tactile senses by scooping, pouring and playing with sand, beans, corn or seeds.

You can purchase plastic sensory tables like these and use whatever type of materials you like. You can also build your own tables. We plan on taking a kids table and making our own which of course we will share in the How To section of this site.

We’ll add castles, trucks and other toys to the mix and include shovels, buckets and scoops for playing with the beans.

No matter what type of sensory tables you choose we know your kids will have fun and instead of downloading an new gaming app for the kids, consider letting them create their own games.



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