Easy Gardening – Planting Succulents With Your Kids

You don’t need a green thumb to get succulents to grow, especially here in California. We have yard full of thriving succulent plants and it’s more a testament to their hardiness and the great conditions here in Southern California than to our great gardening skills.

That’s why succulents are great starter gardens and kids of any age can plant one. You also can start with trimmings from existing succulents such as a jade plant. You just need to plant the trimming into moist soil and keep it watered once a week and it should take root.

Here’s a project we did with our friends sons who are 3 and 2 and who had never done any gardening before. They really love this project and couldn’t get enough of getting their hands dirty but also loved to nurture the plant and understood it needed water and love.


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