Teach Your Child How To Use a Knife

children whittling knife Teach Your Child How To Use a Knife

We posted a question on our Facebook page asking our friends at what age they teach their children how to use a knife? The responses varied as some started with a putty/play knife while others let their kid learn using the real thing.

One of the first ways to teach your child how to use a knife is in the kitchen where they will understand the practical uses of a knife. They can use a knife to cut fruit for salad or practice cutting noodles.

Here are some responses from our friends regarding what age they taught their kid to use a knife.

Just a couple of days ago I picked up a plastic lettuce knife for my 5 year old. It was actually difficult to use but she loved using it.

Don’t remember. It just happened but Grayson who just turned 2 loves cutting up his food with his very dull knife. He has to have which ever utensils mom and dad have when eating.

Nine. I build them a keepsake box and present them with a knife for their birthday. Then we start with a piece of balsa to learn cuts.

My (now) 4 year old has been using my 10″ chef’s knife for a while now…probably since she turned 4? She’s my sous chef. icon smile Teach Your Child How To Use a Knife

No matter what age a child uses a knife we certainly encourage teaching the proper safety methods before using a knife or any sharp object.

Please share in the comments what age worked best for you to introduce a knife to your kids.

photo: via Robin Wood

  • sirjed

    I say address the issue as soon as your kids are old enough to understand you and show interest in them, then keep reinforcing it until they lose interest. They have to get a chance to explore though..just requires close stressful supervision.