Build a Tire Swing This Summer


Tire swings are the ultimate summer accessory for any back yard. Kids and adults will love taking leisurely swings on hot summer days and building the swing is super easy. Here’s what you need.

You just need a normal sized car tire. Stay away from heavy truck tires. Make sure there are no exposed nails or steel belts showing. The more wear the tire has on it the better. The rubber will eventually get slick and wear to a smooth finish that won’t get on your clothes. Make sure you thoroughly clean the tire with soap and water and follow up with a degreaser.

A braided hollow-core polypropylene rope is  your best bet. It’s what we used for our tree swing. It’s weather resistant and won’t rot or stretch. Make sure you have enough to double the length which will give you more support.

You should go for at least a 10 foot high branch on a sturdy enough tree that won’t sway with weight. The branch should also be solid and there should be no question about how much weight it can carry. Make sure you test the branch with adult weight and look and listen for breaks in the branch.

Have fun!

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