Build Your Dream Sandbox


I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I spent the majority of my time in a sandbox. My favorite park in my hometown had a huge sandpit complete with child-sized, handle-operated “backhoes” with which we could dig and move sand for hours. Perhaps I missed my calling as an excavator?

Thanks to an informative, photo-heavy tutorial posted by Dover Projects, you, too, can create the sandbox of your–or your child’s–dreams.

Peter’s tips include building an initial mock-up (he used paint-stirring sticks — feel free to bust out the Popsicle sticks, Lincoln Logs or that Erector set that may be gathering dust.) Once you’ve settled on a design, and any seats that you may want to include within the sandbox, the next task is location. Peter recommends picking a spot that is within eyesight from inside your house, as well as a location that offers a moderate amount of shade without being directly under a large tree–this will cut down on the amount of debris that falls into the sandbox.

Once you’re finished planning, it’s time to collect your hardware and materials. Peter provides a breakdown of the various measurements you’ll need — feel free to adjust them if your sandbox is larger than his 8-foot by 6-foot creation. Peter also recommends telling the hardware store employee that the wood is for a sandbox; that way, you’ll be sure to get wood from the top of the bin, ensuring a smoother finish and better quality that will improve the integrity of your sandbox.

After you’ve finished creating the various pieces of the sandbox [see Peter’s blog for a full, step-by-step breakdown], move the pieces to the box’s final location–it may be too heavy to lift and move once fully assembled.


Before filling the sandbox, mark the area in your yard and dig a surface area that’s three inches deep. You may need to use gravel to fill in any uneven portions, depending on your yard’s terrain. Cover the area with landscaping fabric, which will allow the sand to drain while preventing critters, soil and weeds from invading the sand. Move the sandbox into position, fill with sand (Peter’s recommendation? Sakrete play sand, available at Home Depot) and unleash your happy children!

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