Build Your Own Baby First Aid Kit


With a new baby in the house we knew we had to upgrade our first aid kit and although there are plenty of newborn and infant first aid kits that you can buy online or from baby stores but we decided to pull together our own kit which we feel is perfect for our little guy.

Our baby first aid kit includes:

1. First Aid Guide – general first aid manual to offer guidance for the first booboos.
2. 50 adhesive bandages – pack your kit with a variety of fun kid band-aids and select a variety of types from round to rectangle.
3. Antibiotic ointment – treats and defends against infection.
4. 20 sterile gauze pads – these are helpful for cleaning cuts and scratches before applying bandages.
5. 1 sterile roller bandage – can be used to keep adhesive bandages or pads in place for larger injuries.
6. 1 roll of adhesive tape – helpful for keeping bandages in place.
7. 1 pair of small scissors – to cut tape
8. 1 pair of tweezers – to remove splinters or cactus thorns or stickers
9. 1 needle – for removing splinters
10. 1 instant cold pack – great for treating sprains quickly but we recommend also keeping a pack in the freezer
11. 10 alcohol pads – used to clean the skin around a wound or wipe a wound off
12. Hand sanitizer – to get your hands clean before treating your child
13. Matches – to sterilize needle
14. 1 nasal bulb – help clear a babies stuffed up nose
15. 1 toy or rattle to help calm a baby as you care for their needs.

Since you are making your own kit, find a fun container to put it in or vintage first aid box. Just make sure the kit is clearly labeled First Aid and has a big red cross on it so anyone who is at your house knows what it is. It’s also helpful to make sure all family members and caregivers know where the first aid kit is located.

This kit should handle most everyday bumps and bruises but don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician or 911 for emergencies.

Refer to the Red Cross for more first aid information and we highly suggest taking a course in infant and child first aid and CPR.

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