FLOR Makes the Perfect Kid Play Surface


The final touch on pallet playhouse was figuring out the right material for the floor. The OSB boards were functional but our little guy runs around without shoes on and we’re concerned with splinters. OSB also isn’t the most comfortable surface to sit or play on so we knew we needed some type of carpeting that worked outdoors, was easy to install and would clean up quickly.

We’ve been fans of FLOR for years and Laura used it exclusively to carpet sections of her showroom. She rotated a stack of FLOR tiles and created designs based on the color palette of her current collection. They also added a nice touch at tradeshows and were easy to setup and take down.

Now that we’re parents we realize the value of having hardwood floors that are easy to wipe down and vacuum and having those qualities in a carpet are ideal, especially in a high kid-trafficked area.

Laura went online and used the FLORbuilder to create a pattern she liked. It was super easy to mix and match styles by dragging and dropping. The price updates with each change so you know exactly what your new FLOR will look like and how much it will cost.



After ordering the FLOR tiles arrived promptly and we went to work arranging them in various patterns. Sticky adhesives are included to secure the FLOR but we opted to not use them as they fit tightly and we need to be able to remove them to clean and also to change the look.

We’re considering more FLOR for our son’s nursery and our laundry room as it’s really a much cheaper option than new rugs and the range of patterns and colors are fun to play with.


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