Handmade Flower Boxes Brighten any Window


Our friend Matt from Denver submitted these flower boxes he built with his two boys age 5 and 2. It was their special Mother’s Day gift and of course their mom loved them!



1. Tools – drill, circular saw or miter saw

2. Supplies and cost– used cedar fence material and pressure treated 2 x 2, each box cost about $5 to make

3. Some basic steps
– cut down the cedar fence from 6 ft to 21 inches, each pressure treated support was but to 5.5 inches. I then predrilled all the screw holes to prevent splitting. That was about it. you can adjust the lengths to fit the window you are going to put the box in.

He got some help from his boys drilling the sides of the flower boxes and they got their first lesson in using power tools.


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