Having Fun at the Zimmer Children’s Museum


Last week we were invited by Jennifer Brandt and Moms and the City to join them for an event at the Zimmer Children’s Museum and help raise awareness to check your smoke alarm batteries.

We’ve never been to the Zimmer before, in fact we haven’t been to that many children’s museums at all but we know we’ll be spending a lot of time in them soon as Hunter grows up.

In college I did an internship at the Tucson’s Children’s Museum and it was a nice place but nothing like the Zimmer Museum.

It’s located in a non-descript building and there is a security gate you need to get through to access the museum but once inside you’ll be amazed!

There’s a larger than life pinball machine that stands upright and extends from the top floor to the basement where the museum is located. Once downstairs you enter kid world. There are hands-on water displays, fire trucks, and pirate ships to run around on and learn from.

What we found most interesting was a “Main Street” setup that had shops setup but kid sized. You could order from a kid-sized diner and check out the market all at child eye-level.

We look forward to heading back soon and suggest you check out the children’s museum in your area. You might be surprised how fun it is for you and your kids.

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