How to Build a Kubb Swedish Lawn Game Set

Once all pieces were cut, I beveled all the edges wish a sander and used the table saw to make some decorative cuts into the King. You can really carve some interesting shapes, cuts and crowns into your King, even add some painted stripes to make it stand out.

You’ll need a 6ft clothes rod dowels to make your batons, which should be cut to 6 equal lengths. As for field marking stakes, you can use any size of dowels, since their purpose is to just mark field territory. If you can get an 8ft clothes rod, just cut 6inch stakes out of that extra bit.

After cutting all pieces, I roughly sanded everything and coated the field pieces with Danish oil. This part isn’t really necessary, but the oil will provide some protection when you’re launching the pieces around. Oil is a good choice, since it soaks into the wood and hardens, whereas a polyurethane is a surface based protector. When you’re dinging field Kubbs with a baton, the oil won’t chip like poly could.


As for playing the game – it’s strategic, but easy to grasp. You can play with 2-12 folks, and a match can last between 20 minutes to a couple hours depending on how good your aim is. Here’s the instructions on how to play and a helpful video.

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