How to Get Your Kids to Help with Yard Work

Young children are super curious about everything you do, including yard work! Lean into that curiosity and show them how much fun yard work can really be. This will help set a great foundation for your children to enjoy being outside and working with their hands, as well as the satisfaction achieved from cleaning up the yard.

Children of all ages can help with yard work, but the older they are the more capable they are. Use your parental judgment to decide if your child is ready to use a lawnmower or any type of outdoor power tool, but you might be surprised at what they are capable of.

Start any child with a spade or shovel and have them dig out weeds. All kids instinctively know how to dig and it’s a lot more fun than raking or most other types of yard work. Young kids might get distracted and start digging indiscriminately, but that’s ok. As long as they are outside and engaged with an activity and with you.

Another great task that children of any age can help with us pruning. Pruning shears or loppers are fun to use and identifying and removing dead branches and leaves is an easy and satisfying job.

If your kids really want to get started with power tools, your best bet is a leaf blower. Make sure they wear eye and hearing protection and don’t be surprised if they end up blowing leaves all over the yard, but again–it’s all about the fun and the process.

Watering plants, trees, and hedges is also another fun task that most children will love doing. Our kids can spend hours spraying water (in every direction), and because we are in a drought we try to make sure that water is directed on the plans in the ground and not on the patio or walls.

Planting flowers and annuals falls under gardening more than yard work, but it’s a family-friendly activity that keeps on giving. An herb or vegetable garden is even more satisfying to plant with your kids.

What tips do you have to get your kids to help with yard work?