How to Pick Wildflowers With Your Kids

Seeing wildflowers sprouting up is the first sign of spring. Our kids can’t wait to pick wildflowers and make bouquets for our home. Here’s how to pick wildflowers with your kids that you can enjoy for weeks, even years.

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Use a Pruner

A hand pruner is the best tool for picking wildflowers. It will make a nice clean cut at the base and ensure that your wildflower lasts the longest without wilting.

If you don’t have a pruner, then sharp scissors will also work and are better than hand pulling.

Wear Gloves

Wildflowers can have prickly stalks like weeds, so it’s helpful to wear gloves to protect your hands and fingers from getting stuck.

Don’t Mind the Bees

Bees absolutely love wildflowers. Let them do their work in peace and pick around them. Bees aren’t interested in you and will pay you no mind as long as you leave them alone. I you start swatting at bees or disturbing their flower, they may get a bit irritated and you don’t want that.

Do Some Research

Everyone knows what a dandelion is, but there are hundreds of other varieties of wildflowers. Your kids will enjoy researching the many types of wildflowers in your area and have fun identifying them when you are out picking.

Arrange Your Wildflowers

Half the fun of picking wildflowers is arranging them. Children enjoy getting creative with arranging flowers of different heights and colors.

Make sure you have a variety of vases and vessels for children to use.

Dry Your Wildflowers

After your wildflowers have wilted, you can place them in wax paper and flatten them between the pages of a book. This is a fun way to store wildflowers which can then be laminated for bookmarks or displayed as art projects.

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