Build a Star Wars Imperial Walker Bed


I remember going to the movie theater on my birthday and watching the Empire Strikes Back. To this day it remains my favorite of the Star Wars movies. The special effects were mind-blowing and the battle on the icy planet was amazing. The Imperial Walkers (AT-AT) were impressive and I always wanted one as a toy. These lucky boys got something even better than a toy as their dad built an Imperial Walker bed for them.

Here’s how he did it.

Started with the frame which was all 2×4 and 1/2″ MDF top.



1/4″ Masonite
1/2″ MDF & Plywood Circles
1/2″ MDF detailing
1-1/2″ PVC split down the middle


1X3 Framing, 1/4″ Masonite skin
1/2″ Florist Foam Circles
Florist Foam Carving Details
PVC Cannons


The steps have built in storage and their is a window to peek in without having to walk around the back.



Congrats to the Dutilly family on this project and hat tip to ManMadeDIY for finding this.

As seen in
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