Every Kids Workshop Needs a Vise

The vise is an unheralded workshop tool, but one that is invaluable when needed. For small woodworking projects a vise is absolutely necessary to hold pieces of wood in place as you cut or drill into them. Larger vise are too heavy duty and require bolting onto a table, but this 3″ clamp-on vise from from Irwin is the perfect vise for most home and beginning woodworking projects.


It can easily attach to any table and you won’t sacrifice anything with it’s construction (forged iron) or function (1250 lb pressure). Any child 7 and up could attach it to a table and use the vise. It was perfect for cutting our yardsticks during our pencil box project.


It’s not made to hold 2×4’s but it will work for many projects and for under $20 your workshop should have one.

Amazon $17 also available at Home Depot and WalMart.

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