FORT Art Installation in Los Angeles


We love our forts and recently a group of artists in Los Angeles have built an installation called “FORT: Gallery. Playground. Party.” cARTel brought this evening of whimsical, interactive fancy to life last night at the Angel City Brewing’s warehouse as part of Downtown LA Art Walk. Angel City donated the space and sponsored the night with beer and wine and a portion of proceeds were donated to Schools on Wheels, a non-profit dedicated to enriching the education of homeless children.

“The thesis of the idea was capturing childhood imaginings and making a higher art version of that,” explained Peter Berube, the curator of the show. Thanks to the diverse selection of artists chosen, the interpretations of that thesis varied greatly.


Here’s more from cARTel:

Back when you were 3’2”, you made epic castles in your living room. Blankets were walls. Pillows were lavish pieces of furniture. Broom handles were massive columns, preventing your kingdom from collapsing.


Which means cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA is here to bring back the magic.

On December 8th at the Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, FORT brings together 10 of the best local artists to build unique interactive playgrounds all over again. This massive art party, held during December’s DTLA Art Walk, will feature food (including Sparky the Dragon making pizza!), live music, giveaways, interactive art, $5 craft beers, vendors, the ultimate interactive pillow playground, where attendees will be able to create their own forts and all the fun we can cram into this 25,000 foot warehouse.

And the bestest, bestest part is this: we’ve partnered with Schools on Wheels in order to generate support for the next generation of Fort makers.

School on Wheels’ mission is to enhance educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Take getting to be a kid again to the next level by digging up some childhood school supplies and donating to this great cause. We highly encourage bringing anything on this wish list. Any size item will make a huge difference! A portion of our proceeds will also be donated to this important cause.

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