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What’s Christmas without Christmas music? There is no other season that is so closely associated with songs and music than Christmastime. We all have our favorites that we enjoy listening to every year, and for our son, Christmas songs are the first he has learned to sing. When he’s not singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, he’d like to listen to Rudolph or some other Christmas song on his BOSEbuild speaker cube.

We’ve had the BOSEbuild bluetooth speaker cube for about 6 months now, and our son can’t imagine life without it. This isn’t just any ordinary bluetooth speaker, from the moment we opened the box and went through the process together of building the speaker and actually learning how it works, our son was hooked with the speaker that he built. The fact that he built the speaker himself has given him a new found respect for the device, and treats it much nicer than any of his other gadgets (something we are working on).


This fall he chose to redecorate his room and desk area, and the BOSEbuild speaker was the centerpiece of his design decisions. He has enjoyed selecting his own music throughout the year, and even more so this holiday season. We decorated for Christmas a bit early this year as we knew we would be out of town the week after Christmas, so if we were going to truly enjoy our home in lights and sounds, then we needed to decorate just before Thanksgiving.

We went with an artificial tree this year, and missed out a bit on choosing a tree at our local lot, but our son basically decorated the tree himself. He’s too young to have his own phone, but if he did, the BOSEbuild app would be one of his most popular. Yesterday morning he got up on his own and instead of saying Good Morning to us, he went straight into the living room and started decorating. The first thing he asked when we woke up was to turn on his BOSEbuild and play Christmas music. We’ve raised him on the classics, so we loaded up the Nat King Cole Christmas album and all was right in the world.


Our son’s favorite person the world besides us is his cousin, and he wants the BOSEbuild to be his gift to him. I can’t think of a better gift for our nephew. It provides an opportunity for him to learn, as well as a gift that really keeps on giving. He can enjoy new music whenever he (and his parents want), and he can customize the speaker to display his favorite colors and covers, just like our son does. My nephew is also a tinkerer and goes to a STEM school where he is learning basic electronics, so this gift will be a welcome and real world demonstration of what he is learning in school. His parents also think it would make a great “show-and-tell” opportunity with the class. Everyone is familiar with the BOSE brand, but to be able to see how a BOSEbuild speaker really works is a unique opportunity.

We think you should consider the build-it-yourself BOSEbuild speaker cube for your favorite tinkerer and music maker.


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