Summer Slip ‘N Slides for Kids (and Adults)


Our little guy is a year and a half now and one of his favorite activities is watering the lawn and our house plants. He’ll spend an hour or more with the hose at just a trickle and walking to each plant and making sure it’s got sufficient water.

His attraction to water isn’t unusual for kids and we recently picked up an inflatable slip and slide pool set. It’s the perfect size for him but we know he will outgrow it quickly. Growing up in Arizona I have great memories of running and sliding on a slip and slide that was perfect for those 100 degree days.

Here are a few of our favorite slip ‘n slides that you can setup in your own backyard.


Vintage Wham-O Slip ‘n Slide
Have fun and cool off with the classic backyard water slide. Cool vintage packaging gives the Slip ‘N Slide nostalgic appeal and provides hours of summer entertainment. Simply attach to a garden hose and hundreds of water jets create sixteen slippery feet of outdoor fun. Add to the fun by placing two slides end to end, or for a smaller space, fold the end underneath to create a custom length. Available from Nordstrom


California Wave
The California Wave wet slide brings a hang ten opportunity to your guests, with fantastic details that make this an inflatable no one will want to miss. Riders will be yelling “Bonzai” as they enter this amazing ocean-inspired horizontal slide, and then cruise from the pool to the curving wave crest on the other side. Players can catch primo surfing action in this clever surf n slide, without having to travel to Cali-forn-i-a! Strictly for wet action, the California Wave slide is sure to add cool and gnarly surfer action to any celebration. Commercial product available here.


Banzai Sidewinder
From the blog LifeofRylie they had hours of fun with this HUGE waterslide from Banzai. Available from Target.

You can also make your own slip and slide. Just head to your local hardware store and grab a 100 x 3 roll of plastic (found in the paint supply area). Roll out the plastic over grass to the desired length (preferably a hill) and use sandbags to weight down the top and edges every few feet. Wet the length of the plastic with water and keep it flowing from the top and voila! You’ve got a slip and slide!!!


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