Tips for Creating an A+ Remote Learning Workspace

Tips for creating a remote learning work space.
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Remote work and school is part of our reality whether we like it or not. For many of us, working and learning from home might sound great, but creating a remote learning workspace can be more difficult than you think.

We’ve been working from home for 10 years and many of the same concepts for creating a distraction free and creative work from home environment can directly translate to a remote learning environment.

Start with Your Space

The main goal for creating an ideal remote learning workspace is to remove all distractions. TVs, phones, and gaming devices should all be removed from the room. Playing music can also be a distraction for some, especially if you are in a Zoom meeting.

Decorate Your Space

These motivational posters are a great way to decorate your space as well as infuse positive reinforcement into your day.

Keep It Bright

Proper lighting is the key to preventing eye-strain which leads to fatigue. Use an LED desk lamp to illuminate your space and keep you on task.

Consider a Grounding Mat

Are you familiar with grounding AKA earthing? If not, read up. We are continue to disconnect more and more from our surroundings and grounding helps to reaffirm our connection with the earth and nature. A grounding mat allows you to do this indoors while in class or working.

Mitigate EMF

In addition to grounding, eliminating as much EMF as possible from your workspace can have beneficial results. These energy towers help remove and safeguard you from EMF, but the best way to remove EMF is to turn off the devices you aren’t using and keep they away from your body.

Use Essential Oils to Set the Tone

Doterra is our favorite essential oil, and this family kit is a great value. Add a fun diffuser that your kids will love.

Hang a Wall Clock

An analog wall clock is great for kids to refer to and this one is silent.

For Your Desk

Reinvent the desk – A pirate ship one day, a jungle the next

Make the desk more fun with this rocket ship desk.

Consider a Standing Desk

Standing desks are great for kids and adults. They help with posture and keep the blood flowing while working.

Here are some more items that will help provide an A+ work space.

Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

Use a wobble cushion for your floor desk.

Keep it organized with this DIY Desk Organizer

Make Labeling Fun

Your Supplies

Make your own accessories

Keep a journal on hand for jotting down inspiration.

Your Computer

Keep only the tabs open that you are using.

Consider paying to remove ads and other distractions. Subscribing to YouTube premium was well worth it.

Use an anti-glare, blue light screen.

Wear blue light blocking glasses.

Your Mind and Body

Keep a water bottle on your desk at all times, and drink often.

Take regular breaks for exercise. Jump rope, do pushups and pull ups.

Take full breaths.

Create a weekly goal and evaluate your progress.

Post daily affirmations.

Express yourself in a rad journal.

Keep your work space separate by creating an entrance.

Hop from stone to stone to get over hot lava to reach your desk.

Swim through a waterfall.

Brave a rickety bridge as high as the clouds.

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