Treehouse Safety Tips for Each Season


A treehouse is possibly the most inviting structure on your property. Any kid that visits will want to jump right in and play. That’s why it’s best to make sure that your treehouse is always in good working order. At the beginning of each season you should check the integrity of your treehouse and here’s what to look for.

1. Anything loose
Loose beams, railings, ladders and floors are extremely dangerous. The number one priority when building a treehouse is safety. If there is any doubt that a structure or beam or ladder is unstable then either reconsider how you’re constructing it or double/triple your supports. The treehouse might only be used by children who weigh less than 40lbs but through proper construction it should support 300lbs or more.

2. Rough edges
The weather can effect your treehouse dramatically. Rain, snow and wind can cause nails to loosen and beams to shift. Watch for uneven surfaces that may splinter and sand these down.

3. Health of the tree
Look at the health of the tree and make sure the branches and trunk are in good condition. Have a few large dead branches fallen off? Does it seem particularly dry?

4. Clean the house
Make sure no dead branches or debris have fallen into the treehouse are in an area that someone could trip on.

5. Opening Day
After you’ve checked out the tree and treehouse then have a treehouse opening day each year and celebrate the fun!

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