Upgrade Your Lemonade Stand with Chalkboard Paint

A right of passage for many kids is selling lemonade and having a proper lemonade stand to do this is key. We are in process of building a lemonade stand that will attract attention as well as be a fun place for kids to hangout during the day.


One of the easiest ways to get children involved is to give them something to do with their hands and let them express themselves by drawing or coloring.

We thought painting the top of a lemonade stand with chalkboard paint and handing them a bunch of colored chalk would be the best way for kids to stay interested and get creative in between lemonade sales.

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape was happy to collaborate with us on this project and the kids are very pleased with the results.

The top of our lemonade stand is 5/8″ plywood but you can take any table with a smooth surface and paint it with chalkboard paint.


We painted the edge and legs of the table with a nice cream color that we knew we needed to offset the black chalkboard paint. As a side note you can get chalkboard paint tinted to a variety of colors so don’t feel you need to only use black.

We let the paint on the bottom portion of the table dry and then taped up the sides with ScotchBlue tape in preparation for applying the primer and chalkboard paint.

We sanded down the plywood as best we could but it was still a bit rough which was fine for this outdoor project. Chalkboard paint requires a latex primer to secure a good hold so after taping the edges we applied a coat of primer. The primer dries quick and then we were ready for the chalkboard paint.




After applying the chalkboard paint and waiting a few hours for it to dry we removed the ScotchBlue tape which came off easily and didn’t pull any of the previous paint off.

Now we’ve got the perfect creative kids table that can be used for selling lemonade but also any creative craft you can think of. As soon as we threw down the chalk the kids all started drawing away!




This post is a collaboration with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, whose dedication to recognizing and rewarding creativity led to this post. ScotchBlue also wants to reward you for creative projects and launched a promotion called ScotchBlue Ribbons which allows you to identify creative projects from around the web and be rewarded for recognizing that creativity, whether or not the project specifically used ScotchBlue tape. The promotion and a gallery of creative projects is located on ScotchBlue’s Facebook page.

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