How To Finger Paint With Toddlers

how to finger paint with toddlers

Finger painting is our sons favorite craft activity. He absolutely loves covering his hands in paint and creating masterpieces. Here’s how to finger paint with toddlers to maximize the fun for both of you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Messy

Getting messy comes with the territory when you decide to finger paint. Painting with a toddler makes it even more of an adventure. So, enter the mindset that you will be fine getting a bit messy and prepare accordingly.

Once you let go of worrying about keeping everything neat and clean, you’ll have a lot of fun. This lesson works not only for finger painting, but for life with kids 🙂

Lay a Sheet or Tarp on the Ground

You can finger paint on a table, but if you’ve got space outside it’s always a better option. Use an old sheet or tarp and lay it out to cover tile, grass, or a patio. Finger paint should wash off easily from any surface, but you’ll make your life easier by just picking up a tarp that you use every time for painting.

Keep Supplies Together

Kids and toddlers are ready for action at a moments notice, so be prepared with paint, brushes, paper, and anything else you need. We keep all of our supplies in an outdoor closet that can quickly be setup in under a minute.

When the creative bug strikes, you want to make sure you are ready to go!

Sign and Date Artwork

We like to send a packet of art to grandparents every couple of months, and finger paint art is some of the best and favorite.

Remember to sign and date the keepers, as they make for a fun memory for you and your family to reflect on.

Have Fun Learning How To Finger Paint With Toddlers

Finger painting is all about the process. As adults we might cringe at getting our hands dirty or paint under our nails, but for kids it’s just the opposite.

Join. your toddlers in the experience of finger painting and you all will have a great time together. Guaranteed!

When you are ready for even more fun, try face painting.

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