28 Inspiring Treehouse Designs


Every child dreams of their own treehouse but it’s up to the parents to help them realize their wishes. We’ve pulled together a gallery of 28 inspiring treehouse designs that will not only excite your kids but make you consider spending time off of the ground.

When selecting these designs we considered overall aesthetics, ease of use, type of tree and the fun factor. Some of these treehouses are clearly not built by weekend warriors but that doesn’t mean the designs can’t inspire you and your big plans.

As always when tackling a project like this use extreme caution and we recommend having an architect/builder look over and check off your plans for structural integrity and safety. You should also get a second opinion when determining the condition of your tree.

Tree house with roof terrace
Tree house
A little wooden house
Tree House
Girls in front of treehouse
Girls in front of treehouse
Tree House
Children in treehouse
Smiling woman in a treehouse
Father and children playing in treehouse
Children playing in treehouse
Fiano, treehouse for kids
Women playing on elevated house
Tree house
boy in tree house
Father and daughter sitting in tree
Boy on the lookout from treehouse
Tree House
Banyan Tree House, Tanna Island, Vanuatu
Boy tying rope to treehouse
Tree House
A treehouse in a tree
Tree house with rockingchair underneath
Boy and girl in tree house

Here’s 50 more treehouse designs that we know you’ll love.

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