Spend Time, Not Money with 5 Black Friday Projects

We’re not judging those who are looking for great deals and spending their day fighting over laptops and flat screens at Walmart, but why not take this day and get in some end of the year outdoor projects with your kids.


Here are 5 Black Friday projects that don’t cost much and sure the heck beats fighting for a parking spot at Best Buy.

1. Play Paint Stick Hockey
You can play this game indoors or out and the young ones really love it.

2. Build an Indoor Fort
Get cozy and build a fort next to the fireplace or under the dining table.

3. Make a Dinosaur Sock Puppet
These puppets are easy to make and fun to play with after

4. Build a Modern Birdhouse
Not all birds fly south for the winter. Welcome them into your yard with this birdhouse.

5. Build a Cardboard Castle
Stay inside and build a castle from all those big cardboard boxes you’ve been hoarding.

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